PNG Energy, Developing a brighter future..

At PNG Energy we understand how to develop truly sustainable energy projects. We specialise in project management and delivery of energy generation accross a range of energy generation technologies.

  • Securing planning for the first large scale commercial solar farm in Ireland in 2015 100%
  • Development across a wide variety of technologies including solar, wind, battery, gas to name a few.
  • Owning and operating

Our projects are carefully selected for success. One of our proudest achievements to date is across our development projects, we have a 100% success in the planning process.

The PNG Energy team were the first in Ireland to develop large scale solar projects. With their foresight on how solar energy can add to the energy mix in Ireland, they secured the first planning permission for a large scale solar farm in Co. Wexford. Since this time they have successfully developed 9 Solar Farms in Ireland which will be constructed in 2021.

Wind Energy is one of the most competitive and effective renewable energy generation technologies. Wind Energy has already contributed a considerably to the energy transition and has much to contribute in the future. The PNG Energy team have over 20 years experience in developing, constructing, owning and operating wind farms in Ireland. We are proud of our contribution in wind energy and we understand the need for community involvement in energy projects, we hold this as one of our core values. We have worked with many community groups, Sustainable Energy Communities, Co-Operates in developing energy projects.

With the increase of variable energy generation from wind energy and solar energy over the last number of years, this has lead to a need to introduce new technologies like battery and gas peaking that help to stabilise the energy grid. These technologies support an even higher penetration of renewable energy generation on the national grid. The PNG Energy team has been one of the leaders in developing large scale batteries in Ireland successfully securing planning permission for five large scale projects- two of which will be under construction in 2021.